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9 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 11.4.1



Dig Into iOS 11.4.1 Feedback

Dig Into iOS 11.4.1 Feedback

Before you download iOS 11.4.1 you'll want to dig into feedback from those using the update. This is important if you're using an older device and/or an older version of iOS. New software can be problematic on older devices.

It's important to get a feel for iOS 11.4.1's performance on your iPhone or iPad before you download it. This feedback will alert you to potential problems affecting your device. It'll also alert you to potential benefits of iOS 11.4.1. 

You'll want to look around on Apple's discussion forums, YouTube, and social media sites like Twitter for feedback about iOS 11.4.1's performance. We've also provided some feedback of our own.

Remember, once you make your move to iOS 11.4.1, there's no going back to anything older than iOS 11.4.

Those of you using an older device might want to wait for long-term iOS 11.4.1 feedback to emerge before committing to the update.

Start with our list of reasons to install iOS 11.4.1 and our feedback about iOS 11.4.1 on the iPhone.



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  6. Deborah Wilkinson

    03/30/2018 at 12:54 pm

    Thank you for this excellent knowledge sharing prior to downloading 11.3.

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