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11 Things You Might Not Know About the iPhone SE



16GB Isn't Enough Storage

16GB Isn't Enough Storage

Originally, Apple sold the iPhone SE in either 16 or 64GB. In 2017, the company replaced those models with a 32GB base and a much larger 128GB storage option. 

Apple no longer sells the 16GB or 64GB iPhone SE, but you can find them through third-party retailers like Amazon and eBay. For cheap, we might add. 

A cheap, 16GB iPhone SE might seem like a steal, but you should avoid buying it if you can. 

Apple's software advancements have taken some of the pressure off the iPhone's internal storage, but 16GB isn't going to be enough for most people. 

Apps, particularly games, can take up a huge chunk of storage. Your Messages can take up hundreds of megabytes or several GB if you like to save them. And then you've got local files like photos, videos, and your music. These add up and they can add up quickly. 

Apple abolished the 16GB iPhone for a reason. It's simply not enough storage in an age where people rely on their phones for more than email and talking to friends and family. 

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