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11 Things You Might Not Know About the iPhone SE



Apple Dropped the iPhone SE Price

Apple Dropped the iPhone SE Price

The iPhone SE price drop got lost in the hoopla from iPhone X and iPhone 8 launches. Several people we've spoken to had no idea Apple dropped the price

If you purchase the iPhone SE thorough Apple, you're now looking at a $349 price point for the base 32GB model. You can also snag it for $14.55/month with carrier financing if you qualify. 

The 128GB iPhone SE is a little more expensive though it's a little less expensive than it was a few weeks ago. 

Apple's 128GB model is $449 though you can also pay for it in installments of $18.71/month if you'd rather go that route. 

This is a permanent price drop and a friendly reminder for those of you that might've missed that announcement last year.

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