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13 Things to Know About Battlefield 5



Battlefield 5 DLC & Premium Pass

Battlefield 5 DLC & Premium Pass

If you were worried EA DICE would launch another Premium Pass with Battlefield 5, worry no more.

In an attempt to avoid fragmentation, EA's done away with Battlefield's Season Pass and all of Battlefield 5's content will be free to play.

EA's confirmed something called Tides of War which is says will be an epic journey with evolving gameplay in immersive theaters of war.

Tides of War will include brand new battles, new fronts, and new rewards spread over the course of several months. 

The first Tide of War will launch in November and last through Early 2019.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John F

    11/15/2018 at 10:42 am

    Exciting that the game is almost out now! Might not be a bad deal to sign up for that EA thing for a month just to get early access for an extra week. Though I don’t like the idea that that means they are basically charging $10 or whatever for early access. Even if it is indirect. Anyway, anybody have recommendations on the best deal for a video card for Battlefield 5? Does the GTX 1060 card around $200 listed here: look like a good deal? During beta it was pretty choppy so I need to upgrade. Supposedly I should be able to get a solid framerate with max settings with that, right?

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