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15 Exciting Smartphone Rumors for 2013



Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

With wearable technology like the Nike+ FuelBand catching on with average consumers in 2012, it looks like we may see other large companies release their own products. One of those companies could be Apple which is rumored to be testing a smart watch in a laboratory, a device that could be called iWatch.

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Rumors suggest that the iWatch could be both a standalone product or a companion to the iPhone. And as we've pointed out, it could be very useful to average consumers.

An iWatch, if it were to pair with an iPhone, could potentially make and receive calls, link with the phone to display text messages, tap into Siri, connect to the Internet, and discretely display maps and nearby points-of-interest within a city.

So, in theory, it would be more than just a watch. Whether or not Apple releases one in 2013 remains to be seen, but the prospect alone has us excited.



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