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2 Reasons to Pre-Order the iPad Air 3 & 4 Reasons to Wait



Pre-Order If You Can Lock In a Good Trade-in

Pre-Order If You Can Lock In a Good Trade-in

If you've have an iPad (or another tablet) in great working condition and you're able to lock down an excellent trade-in price right now, you should consider pre-ordering an iPad Air 3. 

Sites like NextWorth are buying old iPads. Even Apple itself is also accepting old devices. Trading in your current tablet (or another device) at the right time can help you save some money on a new iPad Air 3.

Trade-in prices typically fluctuate when new models are announced, but if you can find a great trade-in price that you're comfortable with before the release date next week, you might want to go ahead and put in your pre-order today.

Locking in a trade-in and pre-ordering will ensure that you 1) get the iPad Air 3 model you want and 2) get it in time to transfer all of your data and send in the old model without feeling rushed. 

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