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2 Reasons to Pre-Order the iPad Air 3 & 4 Reasons to Wait



Wait for iPad Air 3 Deals

Wait for iPad Air 3 Deals

The first iPad Air 3 deals will likely be limited to trade-ins. Straight price cuts probably won't arrive for a few more weeks at least. 

Retailers typically don't offer straight price cuts on new Apple products right away. Price drops usually come a few weeks and in some cases a few months after a product launch once the hype from the release has died down.

We expect the first big iPad Air 3 price cuts to come late in the spring and this summer with the biggest price cuts coming in and around Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. 

If you don't have a tablet to trade-in and/or don't want to pay $499 or more for the iPad Air 3, skip a pre-order and hold out for awhile longer.

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