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4 Reasons to Wait for the 2017 iMac Release Date & 2 Reasons Not To



Apple confirmed a 2017 iMac release and there are many reasons you should wait for the new iMac to buy your next Apple desktop. We’re learning about new information about the potential 2017 iMac specs.

Much like the upcoming 2018 Mac Pro, the 2017 iMac release date is one that we think most consumers should wait for.

In a surprising move, Apple announced that they are working on a 2017 iMac with professional options. The company shared this news alongside information about the Mac Pro.

Apple is aware of the demand for better Apple desktop options, but the company is not ready to deliver the new features just yet.

During a round of interviews, Apple announced the 2017 Mac Pro, a future Mac Pro and confirmed a 2017 iMac upgrade is coming.

What you need to know about the 2017 iMac release date.

What you need to know about the 2017 iMac release date.

Phil Schiller, VP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, tells TechCrunch, “I do think that we have a two-prong desktop strategy with both iMac and Mac Pro, we think are each going to be important for pro desktops.”

Craig Federighi shared that Apple observes a number of pro users shifting to the iMac for professional creative activities and the company is going to push ahead with a Pro iMac of sorts later this year.

Apple executives didn’t announce any specific 2017 iMac specs or features, but we do know that there are new iMacs coming this year that will deliver more power to pro users and more features that they want.

While we do not know a specific 2017 iMac release date, it is something we expect after WWDC in June. This could come at an event where the company is addressing professional users and poised to announce iOS 11, or it could arrive in the fall near an iPhone 8 or after in an October event It’s a very wide range of dates at this time.

Here’s a look at the reasons you should wait for the 2017 iMac instead of upgrading today, and we’ll also cover two reasons not to wait for the 2017 iMac. Here are the reasons to wait for the 2017 iMac release date;

  1. You Need a Pro Level iMac
  2. The Current iMac is Old
  3. You’re Hoping for a 5K 21.5-inch iMac
  4. Wait for Upgraded Connectivity Options

There are only a few reasons you shouldn’t wait for a new iMac, especially now that we know one is coming. Here are the reasons to buy a new iMac today instead of waiting;

  1. You Need a New iMac Right Now
  2. Don’t Wait if You’re Hoping for a Price Drop

Read on for more details about each of these reasons. We’ve been covering Apple launches for nearly a decade, so we know what to expect, even with a little bit of information.

Wait for the 2017 iMac if you need an iMac Pro

Wait for the 2017 iMac if you need an iMac Pro

Do you need an iMac Pro that can handle your creative needs? If so, you should wait for the 2017 iMac release date before you buy. 

Although Apple didn't confirm any 2017 iMac specs at this event, the company confirmed that they are working on new iMac that will target professional users. 

This means you can expect new processors and other upgrades that will help you get more work done. With another year of waiting for a Mac Pro, expect to see Apple go big with the 2017 iMac. 

A new report from DigiTimes outlines potential 2017 iMac specs including a high-end or Pro version. Digitimes calls this a server-grade 2017 iMac with the following specs," Intel's Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor, 16-64GB ECC RAM, up to 2TB NVMe SSD and a latest discrete graphics card." DigiTimes is not as trustworthy as a report from a source like Ming-Chi Kou, but the publication is closely tied tot eh supply chain so there may be some truth to this. If true, we could see a 2017 iMac release date in the third quarter with a more powerful 2017 iMac coming closer to the end of 2017. 

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