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3 Reasons Not to Wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K and 4 Reasons You Should



“Should I wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K?” That’s a question I’m hearing as people are spending more time watching TV during 2020 and some apps and services will no longer support the older Apple TV models. We’re hearing new details about the next Apple TV, but it may not arrive this year.

The current Apple TV 4K is still a good buy, but there are a few important reasons for users to wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K. This is especially important if you keep your Apple TV for the long haul.

One thing to consider is that many new TVs now include AirPlay 2 and some include iTunes right on the TV, which means you may be better off buying a new TV and using that feature if you don’t need a full-on Apple TV 4K experience with gaming.

If you decide to buy an Apple TV right now, there are three options. You can buy the Apple TV HD for $149, the 32GB Apple TV 4K for $179, or the 64GB Apple TV 4K for $199. At this stage, it does not make sense to buy the Apple TV HD. Even if you only watch in HD, spending $20 more on a 4K version future proofs the device for when you upgrade later on. It’s also important to think about how you will upgrade, since you may switch an Apple TV 2nd or 3rd gen into a guest room or a less used TV.

Here are the reasons you should wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K;

  1. Wait if You Want to Game on the Apple TV
  2. Wait for More Storage
  3. Wait for a New Apple TV Remote
  4. Wait If You Can Wait Until Next Year

Here are the reasons you shouldn’t wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K;

  1. Don’t Wait if You Just Need a TV with AirPlay 2
  2. Don’t Wait if You Want More Ports
  3. Don’t Wait if an Alternative is Good Enough

You may not need to wait long for the 2020 Apple TV 4K. Jon Prosser is a leaker that correctly predicted the iPhone SE 2 and MacBook Pro refreshes. His sources say that Apple has a new Apple TV ready to ship, and the company is just waiting for the right time.

Mark Gurman reports on Bloomberg that the next Apple TV brings a faster processor for better gaming and there is a new remote with a find my remote feature, but that it may not arrive until 2021.

With this in mind, we could see Apple release a new Apple TV 4K in the summer or fall. This lines up with leaks indicating a new Apple TV remote in code on an iOS beta. The new Apple TV 4K will reportedly feature a better processor and more storage. This would make for an appealing addition to the gaming space and could unlock new options for Apple Arcade and for Apple TV gaming.

Here is a closer look at the reasons you should wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K and why you should stop waiting and upgrade to something new today.

Wait if You Want to Game on the Apple TV

Wait if You Want to Game on the Apple TV

The new Apple TV 4K will reportedly come with the Apple A12X processor. This is a powerful processor that Prosser says is a part of the Apple TV 4K upgrade to bring better gaming to the device. At Bloomberg, Gurman also says we will see a better processor.

The Apple A12X processor first appeared in the iPad Pro in 2018 and it is very capable when it comes to gaming. Specs and tech-talk aside, this is a very powerful option and a pretty impressive upgrade from the A10X Fusion processor that is in the current generation. 

Apple is making a bigger push into gaming, and a new option with better performance could bring better-looking games and more immersive gaming experiences to your living room. 

If you plan to game on the Apple TV 4K instead of on a dedicated console, you should wait and see what this brings in terms of real-world gaming performance. 

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