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4 Reasons Not to Install iPadOS 13.2.3 & 13 Reasons You Should



Install iPadOS 13.2.3 for Performance Enhancements

Install iPadOS 13.2.3 for Performance Enhancements

Apple's iPadOS 13 comes with some major performance enhancements and you could see a significant improvement should you decide to move from iOS 12 to iPadOS 13. 

The company claims that apps launch up to two times faster on iPadOS 13. We've been using the update for several weeks and it definitely feels like they do. 

iPadOS 13 also promises up to 30 percent faster Face ID unlocking on iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation). We've been using the iPadOS 13 update on the 12.9-inch model and Face ID actually does unlock the device faster. 

On top of that, you can expect 60 percent smaller app updates on average and up to 50 percent smaller apps from the App Store.

If your device has struggled in any of these areas, or you've been having trouble managing your device's storage, you should think about giving the iPadOS 13 update a whirl. 

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