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4 Reasons Not to Install iPadOS 13.2.3 & 13 Reasons You Should



Install for Better Multitasking

Install for Better Multitasking

iPadOS 13 also comes with some major improvements to the iPad's multitasking system. 

Starting with the improvements to the iPad's popular Slide Over feature, iPadOS 13 allows you to keep multiple apps at the ready in Slide Over so that you can quickly find your favorites. 

There are also some new gestures that make Slide Over even better. You can swipe between Slide Over apps by swiping along the bottom, make a Slide Over app full screen by dragging it to the top, swipe up to see all the apps in Slide Over, and close a window in Slide Over by going to the App Switcher and flicking up.

Other improvements include the ability to open multiple windows from an app in Split View, open a window from the same app in multiple spaces, and quickly open a window by dragging the content into its own space.

If constantly find yourself multitasking on your iPad, you should think about upgrading. 

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