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4 Reasons Not to Install iPadOS 13.2.3 & 13 Reasons You Should



Install for Improvements to Screen Time

Install for Improvements to Screen Time

The iPad's Screen Time feature is a great way to keep your bad habits in check and/or monitor the usage of your kids. If you use it on your iPad, you should consider moving from iOS 12 to iPadOS 13 because it has some useful Screen Time upgrades on board. 

Usage data, one of the key components of Screen Time, now spans across 30 days so you can compare the previous week’s Screen Time numbers and make adjustments. 

On iPadOS 13, if Screen Time limit is met, you can now tap “one more minute,” giving you time to quickly save your work or progress in a game. 

There are also some new controls for parents. You can now use Screen Time to manage the contacts that appear on a child's device and you can also control who your children can talk to during downtime.

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