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3 Reasons Not to Install Nexus Android 8.1 Beta & 4 Reasons You Should



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Don't Install the Beta While Traveling

Don't Install the Beta While Traveling

If you're about to start your vacation or if you're in the middle of a trip, we strongly recommend skipping the Android 8.1 beta. Wait until you're home. 

Android 8.1 comes with some exciting changes, but you don't want your device to fail you while you're on a business trip or a trip with your family.

This is especially if you're traveling in a city you've never been to. You don't want GPS or maps or your photos app to start acting up. 

It's simply not worth putting a personal trip or a business trip in jeopardy for Android 8.1's changes. Wait until you're back home (or back at your hotel if you really want to upgrade) before installing the beta on your Nexus phone. 

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