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4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 14 Beta & 11 Reasons You Should



Install to Try Picture in Picture & Compact Calls

Install to Try Picture in Picture & Compact Calls

It's not the biggest change on board iOS 14, but it's one that chronic multitaskers might find useful. 

The iOS 14 beta includes Picture-in-Picture for iPhone. This means that you can now continue watching videos or your FaceTime calls while using other applications. 

You can see the feature in action in the photo from the beta here. 

Apple's also made a nice change to the way phone calls, FaceTime calls, and calls from third-party apps popup on your iPhone.

The company calls the feature Compact Calls and it essentially shrinks the call popup to a more manageable size. Instead of taking up the entire screen, they're shrunken down so that you aren't taken out of what you're doing. 

You can get a look at Compact Calls in Apple's iOS 14 preview

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