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4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 14 Beta & 11 Reasons You Should



Don't Install iOS 14 Beta If You Can't Stand Bugs

Don't Install iOS 14 Beta If You Can't Stand Bugs

If you can't stand dealing with bugs, performance issues or potential security issues, you should probably avoid the iOS 14 beta for now. 

While iOS betas can be used on a primary device, we highly recommend using the software on a secondary device if you have one. Apple agrees. 

In its Beta FAQ Apple "strongly" recommends installing iOS beta software on secondary devices rather than primary ones. 

The current list of iOS 14 beta problems include broken apps and services, issues with Bluetooth/GPS/cellular data, and more. 

Apple will refine the software with new beta releases but, again, future betas will come with problems of their own. 

And while you might be able to fix some problems yourself, others will require a fix from Apple itself. Some problems might even stick around through the final release.  

If you depend on your device to get through the day, you'll probably want to stay put on iOS 13. 

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