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4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 16.0.2 & 11 Reasons You Should



Install iOS 16.0.2 for Improvements to Messages

Install iOS 16.0.2 for Improvements to Messages

Perhaps the second biggest changes Apple's made to iOS comes in the form of its enhancements to the popular Messages application. 

With iOS 16 on board your iPhone, you can now edit you just sent to a friend or family member or, if you really need to, unsend the message completely. 

You have 15 minutes to edit a message and you can make up to five edits per message. The person, or people, you sent the message to can see these edits.

Also of note, those who are running iOS 15 will receive another message that simply says "Edited to [new message]."  

You can also mark iMessage conversations as unreal after you've read them. 

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