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4 Reasons Not to Install macOS Monterey & 11 Reasons You Should



Don't Install macOS Monterey If You're Worried About Bugs

Don't Install macOS Monterey If You're Worried About Bugs

If you're having an excellent experience on macOS Big Sur or an older version of macOS, and macOS Monterey's changes don't blow you away and/or you're nervous about it potentially hurting your Mac's performance, you might want to wait. 

The macOS Monterey update is an important upgrade, but the software is causing problems for some Mac users.

The current list of macOS Monterey problems includes some familiar faces: abnormal battery drain, issues with first and third-party applications, Bluetooth problems, problems with Wi-Fi, installation issues, lag, random reboots, and problems with Touch ID. We've also heard about some rather serious memory leak issues.

If these issues concern you, you might want to wait for the next version of macOS Monterey which should have bug fixes for some of the operating system's initial issues on board.

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