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4 Reasons Not to Install Nexus 5X Android O Beta & 5 Reasons You Should



Install It to Test New Features & Performance

Install It to Test New Features & Performance

If any other Android O's features sound appealing to you you might want to go ahead and install the Android 8.0 preview on your Nexus 5X. 

The new emojis and potential performance improvements are just a small part of what the Android O beta has to offer you and your Nexus 5X. 

Android O also comes with a Picture-in-Picture mode that lets you watch two things at once. For example, you can have YouTube and Netflix running at the same time. If you love to multi-task, this is a feature you'll want to try. 

The beta comes with new notification dots, smarter text selection (Android O recognizes addresses, URLs, telephone numbers, and email addresses), a powerful new autofill function, adaptive icons and badges, and audio improvements. 

It also comes with a feature that, when toggled on, will automatically enable Wi-Fi when you're near a trusted network. 

Getting familiar with these features and testing performance ahead of time will help you prepare for the official version of Android O. 

If you end up disliking Android O's features and/or your Nexus 5X's performance takes a hit, you can always drop back down to Android Nougat. 

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1 Comment

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