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4 Reasons Not to Install Nexus 5X Android O Beta & 5 Reasons You Should



Try the Beta If You're Having Problems on Nougat

Try the Beta If You're Having Problems on Nougat

Early software like the Android O beta has a tendency to cause problems. But in some cases, beta software actually improves performance. If you're struggling on Nougat you might consider trying the Android O beta. It comes with several performance enhancements. 

Nexus 5X users continue to complain about various Android Nougat issues. The Android 7.1.2 update fixed a bunch of bugs but it's also causing battery drain and UI lag on some Nexus 5X models. 

The Nexus 5X's Android O update comes with features that could improve battery life and performance on your device.

Android O comes with system optimizations that could improve boot speed and performance of some apps and games. 

The software includes a power saving feature restricts app battery usage in the background based on priority. It limits how often apps check your location, scan for WiFi, and access data.

If you're getting tired of dealing with Nougat problems know there's a chance (nothing is ever guaranteed) the Android O beta will improve your Nexus 5X's speed, battery life, connectivity, or another area of performance. 

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1 Comment

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