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4 Reasons Not to Install Nexus 5X Android O Beta & 5 Reasons You Should



Don't Install It If You Hate Dealing with Problems

Don't Install It If You Hate Dealing with Problems

If you're having an outstanding experience on Android Nougat and you can't stand dealing with problems, avoid this version of Android O.

We, and others testing the Nexus 5X Android O beta, have stumbled into an assortment of bugs and problems. 

Some Nexus 5X users are reporting issues with battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and Android Pay.

We haven't noticed those problems but we are seeing regular UI lag, particularly when opening apps and switching between apps in the multitasking tray. We've also encountered annoying random reboots where the device restarts itself for no apparent reason. 

This isn't lost on Google. The company is keeping a running list of Android O issues and we expect the list to grow as more people install the software. 

Early software isn't for everyone and it's definitely not for Nexus 5X users who hate dealing with bugs.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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