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4 Reasons Not to Install Nexus 5X Android O Beta & 5 Reasons You Should



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Don't Install the Beta While You're Traveling

Don't Install the Beta While You're Traveling

If you're about to start your vacation or if you're in the middle of a trip, we strongly recommend holding off on the Android O beta until you and your Nexus 5X are home. 

Over the years, we've spoken to many Android users stuck with a busted device because they updated to a beta right before a trip or during the trip itself. You don't want to be these people. 

The last thing you want is for your applications and services to breakdown when you're traveling abroad or if you're in a new city. 

It's simply not worth putting a personal trip or a business trip in jeopardy for Picture-in-Picture, new autofill, or new emoji characters. 

Wait until you're back home (or back at your hotel if you really want to try the beta) before installing the beta on your Nexus 5X. 

9 / 9
1 Comment

1 Comment

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