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4 Reasons Not to Pre-Order AirPods 2 & 2 Reasons You Should



There are some great reasons to pre-order a pair of AirPods 2 but there are also some great reasons to put your wallet away and wait a few more days, weeks, or longer.

At long last, Apple’s confirmed the long-rumored update to its AirPods Bluetooth earbuds. The AirPods 2 deliver some impressive changes and they’re worth a look if you’re in the market for a new set.

The AirPods 2 feature a new H1 chip that doubles talk time, makes switching between your devices twice as fast connecting to your phone to take a call 1.5x faster, powers voice activated Siri, and also helps to deliver 30% less lag when playing games. It’s a huge upgrade.

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Apple’s new earbuds also come with an optional wireless charging case that gives you the ability to charge wirelessly via a Qi-compatible charging solution. The company still hasn’t confirmed its AirPower charging mat, but that announcement could come soon.

AirPods 2 start at $159 which is the same price as the original model. If you add wireless charging when you buy them, you can get both for $199. You also have the option to buy the wireless charging case for $79 for use with your existing AirPods.

The AirPods 2 are on sale right now at Apple ahead of a release next week and you might be thinking about putting in a pre-order.

In this guide we’ll take you through the best reasons to pre-order the AirPods 2 and the best reasons to skip and pre-order and buy them, or another device, a little bit further down the road.

Pre-Order If You Want AirPods 2 ASAP

Pre-Order If You Want AirPods 2 ASAP

If you know you want a pair of new AirPods and you want them as soon as possible, you might want to put in a pre-order ahead of the release date. 

AirPods are an extremely popular product and there's a chance Apple, and some of its retail partners, sell out ahead of the device's street date. 

If you want a pair of new AirPods on your doorstep next week, you should put in a pre-order right now or in the near future for peace of mind. If you don't, there's a chance you could be waiting until mid-to-late April for your delivery to show up. 

If you pre-order today you should get guaranteed delivery for late March or early April. If you pre-order through Apple, shipping is free.

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