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5 Reasons to Wait for the Galaxy Fold & 5 Reasons Not To



Don't Wait If You Can't Handle First-Gen Issues

Don't Wait If You Can't Handle First-Gen Issues

The Galaxy Fold is a first-generation product and first-generation products always have an annoying set of problems. If you can't handle that, it's time to look elsewhere. 

This is a new product category and it's going to have some growing pains. Some of those issues will likely be on the hardware side, others will be software-related. 

It's impossible to say if the Galaxy Fold will have a widespread "gate" issue, but it almost certainly won't be perfect. 

Samsung will be able to correct some issues with software updates, but some solutions will likely arrive on board the second-gen Galaxy Fold. 

Given the complex software on board, it's easy to wonder about how Samsung will handle Galaxy Fold software updates. How frequent will they be? Where will the Galaxy Fold be in Samsung's Android Q pecking order? 

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions probably won't come at launch. 

This is a device that has the potential to annoy you. If you're feeling leery, it might be a good idea to hang around for a few weeks, take note of the early issues, and decide if the device is worth the trouble. 

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