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5 Reasons to Wait for the OnePlus 6 & 2 Reasons Not To



OnePlus is ready to release a new OnePlus 6 smartphone to take on Samsung and Apple. This guide will take you through some reasons why you should, and maybe shouldn’t, wait for the company’s new flagship smartphone on May 16th.

If you’re looking for a new Android device but have a tight budget, we’re here to help. In fact, you should have the OnePlus 6 near the top of your list. They’ve gained popularity by offering high-end phones comparable to the latest Galaxy S9 or iPhone, but at half the price.

This year we’re expecting a high-end phone with a screen to match the Galaxy S9+ or Galaxy Note 8, with a design similar to the iPhone X. Basically, blending the best of both into one sleek smartphone. All while charging about half the competition.

OnePlus 6 Rumors

In recent weeks rumors about the OnePlus 6 were all over the place. However, OnePlus themselves confirmed the launch event and shared key information themselves. Not to mention a slew of leaks revealed everything early. Including the OnePlus 6 surfacing on Amazon just days before the launch event.

So far, it sounds like OnePlus is going directly after both Samsung and Apple this year. The OnePlus 6 will likely come with an edge-to-edge screen with small bezels and a notch at the top. Just like the iPhone X. However, it’ll be even bigger than Apple’s phone, using a 6.2 or 6.3-inch HD display like Samsung.

Thanks to a series of leaks on Twitter and other rumors, we already have a good idea of how the phone will look too. That said, while one source suggests a wood back, other sources say the OnePlus 6 is all glass, similar to Apple and Samsung phones.

Either way, we know plenty about the display, cameras, design, screen size, specs, features and more. On paper, it sounds like a pretty capable smartphone with everything one would want. Including a mind-boggling 8GB of RAM and potentially 128 GB of storage.

With the May 16th launch event almost here, many of you will want to hold off on buying a new phone, or a phone from 2017, until you’ve seen the OnePlus 6. Not just because it’s a great phone, but because the release date is almost here.

You’ll also want to consider the many alternatives available like the OnePlus 5TSamsung’s Galaxy S9, the Galaxy Note 8, and LG’s V30 before you decide to wait for this phone. Or, consider some of the other high-end phones still to come in 2018. We’re talking about Apple’s iPhone 11, the LG G7, and Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

That all said, there are several reasons you’ll want to wait for the OP6. However, there are also a few reasons why you might want to skip the big reveal and buy something else today or later this year.

Wait If You Want More Horsepower

If you want excellent performance and tons of horsepower from your next phone, consider waiting to see what's next for OP. 

The OnePlus 5 and 5T are powerful devices, but if you need more, the OnePlus 6 is likely what you're looking for. That's because the company will use the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 8-cores as the Galaxy S9, and many other high-end phones coming in 2018. It's the latest and greatest. 

Furthermore, the company already confirmed they'll equip the phone with 8GB of RAM, instead of only 4 or 6GB. While most manufacturers are just getting around to 6GB for improved multitasking, OnePlus is already putting 8GB into a phone. That's nearly as much RAM as most laptops. 

Basically, performance will be excellent, and you'll have plenty of horsepower under the hood. 

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