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6 Reasons to Wait for the iPhone 14 & 6 Reasons Not To



Don't Wait for a Foldable iPhone or an All-Glass Design

Don't Wait for a Foldable iPhone or an All-Glass Design

Apple might be working on a foldable version of the iPhone, but it sounds like it won't be ready until 2023, 2024, or perhaps even 2025. 

We've seen patents hint at a foldable iPhone but this doesn't confirm anything. The most recent patent reveals plans for a protective layer that will help prevent cracking on foldable displays. 

Leaker Jon Prosser says that Apple is working on a "foldable" iPhone, but that it isn't really a foldable. The The current prototype reportedly has two separate display panels on a hinge.

He says the current model features round and stainless steel edges like the iPhone 11 design. It reportedly doesn't have a notch.

Prosser hasn't put out a potential window for the device's launch which means its arrival could be a long ways out. 

A leaker believes Apple is working on a foldable device that will be more like an iPad than an iPhone. They claim the device will debut in 2023. 

Another report from Bloomberg states that while Apple "has developed prototype foldable screens for internal testing" the company "hasn’t solidified plans to actually launch a foldable iPhone." In other words, a launch is a long way out.

As for Kuo, he initially believed Apple might launch a foldable iPhone with a 7.5-8-inch display in 2023. The device, as other sources have noted, is apparently still in the research stage of development.

In another report, Kuo claimed that Apple's working to release a new iPhone with an 8-inch QHD+ flexible OLED display in 2023. He also believes Apple will ship 15 to 20 million foldable iPhones in 2023.

However, in a note from September 2021, Kuo said he now believes the foldable iPhone has been pushed all the way out to 2024. And there's now a chance that may not happen.

In a newer tweet, Kuo now says he believes "Apple may launch its first foldable product in 2025 at the earliest, which may be a foldable iPad or a hybrid of iPad & iPhone."

Kuo says Apple is currently testing Chinese company E Ink's Electronic Paper Display (EPD) for "future foldable device's cover screen & tablet-like applications."

Analyst Ross Young once said a foldable iPhone wasn't "expected until 2023 at the earliest" with 2024 more likely. Young has followed this up with a new report that suggests the foldable iPhone has been delayed until 2025.

According to leaker @dylandkt, Apple is "definitely working and testing multiple prototypes that contain foldable displays." However, he also says there are "too many compromises with display technology" right now. 

Korean publication The Elec reports that Apple has started development on an OLED panel that doesn't use a polarizer. This will allow for a much thinner display which is necessary for a foldable display. 

So at this point you should operate on the assumption that Apple's foldable iPhone will miss 2022. It will probably miss 2023 and 2024 as well. 

If a foldable device interests you, you should check out Samsung's Galaxy Z series

Apple's also received a patent for an all-glass iPhone design. This is something Jony Ive has talked about in the past. And while it sounds amazing, there's zero chance this iPhone makes its debut in 2022.

Analysts have also predicted that Apple will release a port-less design at some point, but at this point we wouldn't expect that change to come in 2022. 

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