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5 Walmart Black Friday 2018 Deals to Avoid



The Walmart Black Friday ad is packed full of deals, but there are some Walmart Black Friday 2018 deals you should skip at Walmart this year. There are some things you should avoid because you can save significantly more at other retailers, and there are some straight up bad deals.

If you are looking at the Walmart Black Friday 2018 doorbusters, you need to exercise caution, because that 65-inch 4K Roku TV deal isn’t going to be worth it at every Walmart. That’s right, there will be different models, and the difference in quality looks like it will be big.

Do your research online as you prepare to find better deals. Based on our research looking at the best Black Friday 2018 deals we found several sales at Walmart that you need to pass on.

This isn’t even including the $35 free shipping minimum at Walmart that can come back to bite into savings and that is out of line with what you get at most other stores. Walmart is matching the prices on many hot items, but other retailers are sweetening the deal with gift cards and bonus items, which turns some good deals into ones you should avoid, at least at Walmart.

Here are the Walmart Black Friday 2018 Deals to Avoid;

  • 65-inch 4K Roku TV
  • Xbox One S
  • RCA Cambio Tablet with Windows 10
  • $29 RCA Tablet
  • Nintendo Switch

Read on to learn why these are Black Friday deals you should avoid, what to buy instead and where you should look for better deals.

65-inch 4K TV with Roku - Depending on the Store

The Walmart Black Friday 2018 doorbusters include a $398 665-inch 4K TV with Roku built in. That sounds like an amazing deal, and for some shoppers it will be. 

The catch here is that Walmart offers a Sharp model and a TCL model. While you may be more familiar with the Sharp name, TCL is one of the best budget TV brands you can buy and in most cases will be a much better product than the Sharp 65-inch 4K TV. 

If you are able to buy the TCL, this is an amazing deal, and you should jump on it. If your store only has the Sharp model, this is a deal that we think you should skip this deal and look for something else. 

Keep an eye on Best Buy and on Amazon to see what TV deals they roll out as the deals arrive. If your store has the TCL, jump on it. 

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