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6 Reasons to Wait for the 2019 iPad & 3 Reasons Not To



Wait If You Want an Affordable iPad w/ a Big Screen

Wait If You Want an Affordable iPad w/ a Big Screen

If you want an iPad with a big screen that costs less than the 2018 iPad Pros, wait for the 2019 iPad to arrive. 

The current iteration of this tablet features a 9.7-inch display. It's enough real estate for some people, but if you think you might need a little more wait for this year's release. It should come with a bigger display. 

According to the latest rumors, Apple will bump the display size up to 10-inches. Kuo believes it could be 10.2-inches in fact. 

It's not a massive difference, but it should be noticeable. If you watch a lot of content, play a lot of games, or like to do work on your tablet, you'll probably appreciate additional space. 

While Apple's big screen iPad Pro models cost a ton, Apple's probably going to keep the price of the 10-inch 2019 model down. 

The 2018 model started at $329 and we expect the 2019 model to take over this budget price point. 

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