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10 Things to Do Before the iPhone 8 Release Date



Check Your Upgrade

Check Your Upgrade

As we push closer to the iPhone 8 launch you'll want to keep an eye on your upgrade. 

A lot of you are coming off of contracts that locked you into a specific carrier and require specific device upgrade dates.

In some cases, you'll still be able to upgrade into a contract but in many others, you'll need to buy your device on a new payment plan.

If you're currently on the annual iPhone upgrade plan at Apple, or an annual upgrade plan with T-Mobile, Verizon or another carrier, make sure you stay up to date with your payments. 

Figuring out your upgrade and the best strategy to take can be extremely confusing particularly so it's best to do it long before a new iPhone arrives. Like, right now. 

You can quickly check using your phone or you can check via Apple's website though you'll need to have very specific information on hand to do so. 



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