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Apple Watch 3: 7 Reasons to Buy, 4 Reasons Not To



Don't Buy Until You Read Reviews

Don't Buy Until You Read Reviews

 The Apple Watch 3 goes on sale on the 15th and arrives in stores on the 22nd. If you want to know exactly how well the LTE performance is, how battery life works and just how much faster apps run on the new Apple Watch, you should wait. 

We expect to see the first Apple Watch 3 reviews arrive within a week, and they will help identify what works and what doesn't. There is a good chance we will need to wait for a software update to deliver better battery life and LTE features, as we often see with new models from Apple. 

You can pre-order and then read the reviews that will definitely go on sale before the release date. That way you make sure you have one saved, but if the reviews don't line up with what you want, you can always cancel or return it without any fees. 

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1 Comment

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