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Apple Watch 3: 7 Reasons to Buy, 4 Reasons Not To



Buy for Apple Music Streaming

Buy for Apple Music Streaming

You will soon be able to stream Apple Music to the Apple Watch 3. On the older models you can download music to store locally and listen to playlists you've synced over, but that's about to feel very outdated.

Just like you can stream Apple Music to your iPhone, changing your playlists and preferences as often as you blink, you can do that on the Apple Watch. If you have the LTE model, you can even stream while you are working out without your iPhone. Ideally you will be streaming to bluetooth headphones or the AirPods and not through the Apple Watch speaker. 

This feature is in the works and is coming soon to the Apple Watch 3. As of yet you cannot stream Spotify on the Apple Watch 3, so this is an Apple Music only feature. 

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1 Comment

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