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AT&T iPhone 6s Preorder Catch Buyers Need to Know About Tonight



The AT&T iPhone 6s preorders start tonight and there is a major catch that buyers upgrading from the iPhone 6 on AT&T Next plans need to know about.

When shoppers bought the iPhone 6 last year on AT&T Next 12, they bought the iPhone under the assumption that they could easily upgrade to the new iPhone 6s in 2015 by trading in the iPhone 6.  

While this is still the case, anyone who wants to take part in the AT&T iPhone 6s preorder tonight and who is upgrading from on this plan will need to make a final installment plan payment from $25 to $40 depending on their normal monthly phone payment.

AT&T confirmed to Gotta Be Mobile that users who see the message stating they are future eligible for an AT&T iPhone 6s preorder will need to make this payment tonight instead of on their normal bill.

Login to the AT&T website to see if you still owe or dial *NEW# from your AT&T phone to get a text with any outstanding payments needed or other upgrade information.

Users can login now to make the payment before the AT&T website is slammed with preorders later tonight.

Users who wait will need to make this payment tonight to be eligible for an AT&T Next upgrade and they will need to trade in their old iPhone as well.

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The AT&T Next 12 plan allows upgrades after 12 payments, but most iPhone 6 owners who bought on day one only made 11 payments so far. There is a total of 18 payments under this plan.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus preorders start at 12:01 AM Pacific tonight and 3:01 AM Eastern. Users can order online at Apple, Target, AT&T and at other retailers.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6: What’s New

3D Touch Display

3D Touch Display

The new 3D Touch display on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus makes a plethora of features possible, some of which we will break out into sections.

In short the new iPhone 6s display is the same size and resolution as the iPhone 6 display, but it can now tell the difference between a tap, a press and a deeper press. This allows users to call up secondary actions in many apps and on the home screen as well as in games.

The video above shows the new 3D Touch display on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Even though the iPhone 6s display looks very similar to the iPhone 6 and both phones run iOS 9, you cannot use these new features on the old iPhone because the technology is not there.

3D Touch display actions work on the home screen, in Apple apps and in third-party apps.

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