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10 Best Allergy and Pollen Apps



These are the best allergy apps you can download to track the fresh spring air, check pollen counts, or watch for food allergies. With our help, you can turn your iPhone or Android into your own personal Allergist.

Spring is a great time of the year to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Well, unless you’re dealing with a stuffy nose and watery eyes due to allergies. Having a persistent itchy throat is never fun. That all said, millions of people deal with allergies every year or even every day.

Our allergy apps will help you stick to a plan or prepare for any condition outside. Whether its tree pollen, grass pollen, dust, spores, or even dangerous food allergies, we have you covered. We’ve found apps that will inform you about a variety of things. You can check the daily forecast before leaving the house, look over pollen counts, or scan food and menus before taking a bite.

We’ll focus on three key areas — allergens, pollen, and food allergies. Here’s a list of great apps to help you each day, then we have more details about each one in the slideshow below.

Best Allergy Apps and Pollen Apps

  • Zyrtec AllergyCast
  • Allergy Alert
  • Weather Channel (Flonase)
  • WebMD Allergy
  • Substitutions
  • iEatOut Gluten-Free & Allergy
  • Food Allergy Translate
  • MedHelper
  • AllergyEats
  • Yummly

For people with severe food allergies, every decision could have life or death consequences. Recent studies suggest that parents accidentally put their children at risk way more than they should. Whether that’s allergies to nuts, milk, wheat, or even pollen and other outdoor allergens. Obviously, that’s not what any parent wants. And while some are far more severe than others, it’s still important to have tools at your disposal.

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Our apps will help you be more careful day-to-day. You can check the weather outside for allergy-related information, get a breakdown of what to expect and more. Then, we’ve found WebMD apps for allergies, and steps to take in case of an incident.

Additionally, these apps can check specific foods for gluten or nuts, give you substitutions, or even recommend yummy recipes while avoiding certain foods. I can’t eat gluten or almonds, and sometimes it’s difficult to find good great alternatives. That’s why we’ve round-up a list of the best allergy and pollen apps for 2018. These allergy apps are free to use, so take advantage of everything that’s readily available and live a better life.

Zyrtec AllergyCast

Zyrtec AllergyCast

One of the most popular over the counter Allergy meds, or antihistamines on the market, is Zyrtec. I rely on it 24/7 to make it through the Spring months, and I'm not alone. 

Zyrtec also has one of the most useful and popular AlleryCast apps for both Android and iPhone. Basically, you'll get an overall weather forecast, pollen count, and general information about allergens in your area and zip code. They use an easy to understand color-coded system to alert you to how bad the weather and allergens are for that specific day. Of course, you'll also get hints on just how much allergy medicine you might need for the day. Then, get information on Zyrtec. 

You can set favorite locations, select and save what allergy symptoms you deal with the most, then try to avoid them. You can even save this information each day or week to share with an immunologist if your situation is that severe. 

So while they'll try to sell you a bottle of Zyrtec at every turn, chances are you own a few bottles already. As a result, simply take advantage of all the information this app delivers on the fly. 

Download Zyrtec AlleryCase for Android or iPhone

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