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16 Best Apps for Anxious Flyers (2023)





SkyGuru is like having a professional pilot sitting next to you explaining everything you're hearing and feeling while you're flying. In other words, it's a calming presence. 

Before you fly, you enter your flight information into SkyGuru and it maps out all of the general information about your flight. Gates, weather, etc. 

When your plane is about to takeoff, you then lay your phone on a flat surface and turn Airplane Mode on. Once you takeoff, the app uses your phone's sensors (accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyroscope, microphone) to explain what's going on around you.

The app provides a weather forecast and offers explanations for your departure and arrival airports. It'll also give you a turbulence forecast.

It also provides a ton of data including notifications about expected airplane maneuvers, explanations of cabin procedures, and real time explanations about sounds. It'll even give you seat recommendations.

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