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16 Best Apps for Anxious Flyers (2023)





TripIt is another excellent travel application that will not only help you stay organized, but can help you minimize travel anxiety in a variety of ways. 

The base app, which is free, allows you to create a detailed literary of your trip. All you need to do is forward the details to to [email protected] and the app takes care of it for you. 

Once you do that you can share your plans with a family member picking you up from the airport or a friend flying to the same destination from another location. 

You can also sync the app up with your calendar so your plans show up alongside any other events you've got planned. Staying organized helps cut down on my stress levels, especially when I'm meeting someone or a group of people at an airport. 

TripIt becomes even more useful if you pay the yearly subscription. It's expensive, but if you travel a lot, TripIt Pro might be useful. 

TripIt Pro provides you with seat tracking, an alternate flight finder, fare refund notifications, and point tracking.

It also comes with a tool that predicts security lines at your local airport which is useful if you're feeling nervous about making your flight on time.

It'll help you decide when to leave the airport, show you how to get to the gate, and help you estimate how much time you'll have to stand in line. 

TripIt and TripIt Pro are available for both iOS and Android

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