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Best Fallout 4 Creation Club Mod Alternatives



10 / 10

Pip-Boy Paint Jobs: 50 Credits

Pip-Boy Paint Jobs: 50 Credits

The Creation Club store currently features three Pip-Boy paint jobs: Onyx, Chrome, and Swamp Camo. All three are nice but take a look at these Pip-Boy mods before you purchase or spend credits.

How about this Pip Boy skin that makes turns the Fallout 4 Pip Boy into the Pip Boy 300 Mk.V from Fallout 3. It's one of our favorite mods. 

Or how about this neat looking mod that brands your Pip Boy with Nuka Cola. Or the Pip-Pad which stands for Personal Information Processor and is based on an actual item in the Fallout universe

These are just a few options you have at your disposal so make sure you dig into the store. You'll almost certainly find something.

10 / 10


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