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Best Fallout 4 Creation Club Mod Alternatives



Prototype Gauss Rifle: 400 Credits

Prototype Gauss Rifle: 400 Credits

There's no shortage of weapons in Fallout 4 but it's always good to expand your horizons.

One option is the Prototype Gauss Rifle from Creation Club, a weapon that was utilized before the world's Great War. The Prototype Gauss Rifle "uses electromagnetic induction to shoot a projectile at tremendous speed."

If you're looking for a few alternatives to this powerful weapon, make sure you take a look at the outstanding Fusion Gun. It's powerful and it's very customizable. It starts as a pistol but you can change it to better fit your arsenal and play style. 

We also highly recommend the CROSS PlasRail, one of our favorite unofficial Fallout 4 weapons. Like the Fusion Gun, it comes with a ton of customization and a ton of firepower. 

It's not a weapon but we also suggest taking a look at Wacky Weapons which allows you attach most gun mods to most of the game's weapons. 



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