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Best Fallout 4 Creation Club Mod Alternatives



Modular Military Backpack: 400 Credits

Modular Military Backpack: 400 Credits

The Modular Military Backpack is pretty nifty. It features over 30 different add-on pieces, patches and colors and it also adds increased carry weight and multiple bonuses that could help your character survive in the wasteland. 

If you don't want to pay for a new backpack for your character, you don't have to. One of the first backpack mods to look at is TravelBag, one of our favorite Fallout 4 mods. TravelBag comes with several cool add-ons including a functional lantern and it comes in 54 slot and 61 slot versions. 

A few other favorites include the Provisioner Backpack and the Explorer's Outfit which comes with a nice pack as part of the costume. The Rebel, another excellent outfit, also features a backpack.

It's not for the Lone Wanderer but you should also check out the K-9 Harness - Tactical Body Armor And Backpack For Dogmeat, an exceptional choice for your character's canine companion. 



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