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Best Fallout 4 Creation Club Mod Alternatives



Handmade Shotgun: 200 Credits

Handmade Shotgun: 200 Credits

Creation Club's Handmade Shotgun will provide you with some nice, close-range firepower but it'll also require 200 credits. If you don't want to spend 200 credits on a shotgun, we've got some free shotguns to take a look at. 

One of our absolute favorite Fallout 4 shotgun mods is the Chiappa Triple Threat, a triple-barreled shotty that will dismember anyone in your path. It's incredibly powerful and incredibly well made.

The Widow Shotgun is still one of the coolest shotgun mods we've come across during our time playing Fallout 4 and it's certainly worth a look. 

Other alternatives include the beautiful Hunting Shotgun, the M1014 Standalone Shotgun, and the appropriately named Grandpa's Shotgun



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