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Best Fallout 4 Creation Club Mod Alternatives



Morgan's Space Suit (Prey): 300 Credits

Morgan's Space Suit (Prey): 300 Credits

You're not going to find an exact replica of Prey's space suit on the mod marketplace but there are a few suits that could satisfy your needs. 

One possibility is this awesome-looking mod called Fully Functioning Space Suit. Unfortunately, it only appears on Nexus Mods for PC. 

A few alternatives for Xbox One and PS4 include this Portable Nuka Jetpack with helmet, a Fully Gloved Hazmat suit, and Skywarrior's Outfit Pack which comes with a neat Hazardous Hazmat suit. 

You also might check one of the pieces of Power Armor we pointed out in the first slide. In particular, the Submersible Power Armor.




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