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Best Fallout 4 Creation Club Mod Alternatives



Modern Furniture Workshop Pack: 300 Credits

Modern Furniture Workshop Pack: 300 Credits

Why settle for the 40 pieces of furniture and decorative pieces in the Modern Furniture Workshop Pack when you can download hundreds of new items for free?

If you're looking to decorate the various settlements you've acquired around the wasteland you might want more than what the vanilla game has to offer. The Modern Furniture Workshop Pack is solid but there are a few mods you should check out before committing real money to the Creation Club. 

Renovated Furniture is a good one to start with. It adds a mind-boggling number of items including tables, chairs, stools, couches, bookcases, doors, desks, stoves, fridges, counters and cabinets, dressers and beds.

If you're looking for more, take a look at the Decoration & Furniture Expansion Pack which adds 700+ items for use in your settlements. The list includes flags, graveyard items, foot paths, and a whole lot more. 



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