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15 Best Official Galaxy S10 Accessories



These are the best Galaxy S10 accessories made by Samsung that will compliment your new phone. Whether you’re looking to keep your phone safe or use its fancy features like wireless charging, we have you covered.

And while there are tons of accessories at Amazon, Best Buy or online, the best ones come right from Samsung. Plus, this year they made some neat new LED or kickstand cases, a faster wireless charger 2.0 pad and more.

Once you get your phone buy some of the best Galaxy S10 accessories from our slideshow below.

Every year Samsung introduces one or two new accessories, and we’re seeing something similar for the entire Galaxy S10 family. However, they also got rid of a few fan-favorites, although this year they returned the leather cases, which most people enjoy.

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That said, they still have awesome official cases for the Galaxy S10 made from Alcantara fabric, silicone, or some neat new cases with LED lights that glow on the back. Samsung’s official cases offer excellent protection too, often better than 3rd party options. Ensuring that 6.4-inch screen and triple rear camera setup stays safe from life’s daily hazards. Then, you’ll want a spare charger for your office, an SD card, and more.

Once you get your Galaxy S10, you’ll want to grab some official accessories from Samsung’s website or in our slideshow. Enjoy that new phone.

Samsung Rugged Protective Case

Samsung Rugged Protective Case

The first official Galaxy S10 accessory on our list is Samsung's own super rugged yet slim case for its new phones. 

If you're like me you want a case that will actually protect your phone. Instead of barely keeping it safe and adding bulk and weight for no reason. So, if you want a real case that can keep the Galaxy S10 or S10+ safe you'll want to consider Samsung's official Rugged Protective Case. It's built like a tank, looks good, fits great, and will help you keep a grip on this otherwise slippery phone. 

For one, this case meets military-grade certifications and is drop-tested approved. And for two, you'll love the built-in kickstand that folds away into the case when you don't need it. That way it's thin, sleek, lightweight, yet rugged, durable, and useful. This is my favorite Samsung case, but it looks like it's only available in Blue or Silver this year. 

Get it from Samsung for $35

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