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6 Best Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases



These are the best Galaxy S9 wallet cases that will protect your phone and let you carry less at the same time. Whether you want to replace your wallet or just leave a bulky purse at home, a wallet case is highly recommended. Giving you one less thing to worry about so you can grab your keys, find your phone and head to work.

Samsung Galaxy S9 cases come in a slew of different styles, and wallet cases come in different styles or materials too. Below we’ll explain what each style has to offer and recommend a few that will fit your needs.

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Our list has everything from thin wallet cases, folio wallet cases, and premium protection. You’ll find cases as low as $12 that will keep your screen safe and hold multiple cards plus some cash. Or, spend a little extra to get the most durable cases from reputable brands we know and trust. We’ll continuously update this list once more cases become available.

The most popular style is a folio flip case. Designed to look like a wallet with the same magnetic strap and it covers the entire device. It can usually hold three credit cards or cash on the inside. These cases can become bulky but are still a good choice. The fold-out flap gets in the way while you take photos and your ID cards could scratch the screen. Many folio cases feature a built-in kickstand and an included ID window for convenience.

Next, my favorite style is the typical flat case with a built-in wallet. These do not cover the front of the phone, but also don’t protect the screen as much. It has ID and credit card slots on the back of the Galaxy S9. These are thin and sleek but may not hold as many cards. Your wallet contents are also somewhat visible and could be a target for theft. Not to mention you’ll still need a screen protector.

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And finally, there is a third option that looks like most flat cases sold by carriers, but with a sliding door to hide and protect your wallet contents. These are a good middle ground between the two. They’re not too bulky but still hide your credit cards, even if they only hold one or two. Each style fits certain uses or scenarios. You’ll just need to choose what’s right for you.

We’ve rounded up some nice Galaxy S9 wallet cases that match these styles. All from brands we know, use and trust. They are available on Amazon with fast shipping and often priced lower than official accessories from Samsung. All of them are available for both the Galaxy S9 and the bigger Galaxy S9+. Before you go, consider some of these regular cases too.

Silk Q-Card Slim Kickstand Wallet Case

Silk Q-Card Slim Kickstand Wallet Case

One of the best wallet cases, or any case overall for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, is the Silk Q-Card wallet case. Previously know as CM4 wallet cases, this will give you tons of protection and a bunch of features at the same time. 

Each Silk wallet case holds three credit or ID cards and some cash, safely and securely. This isn't a flip case either, yet you still get a kickstand. That's because the durable TPU material with air-cushion and reinforced corners has a hidden kickstand. Basically, you can use your credit card or ID as a kickstand, as there's a cutout for it in the plastic frame. 

Silk also adds a grippy textured material to the entire outer edge of the case, ensuring you never drop your phone. It also features a lay-flat design with raised edges around the screen and the camera lens.

It's a wallet case without all the bulk. My favorite part of this case is the synthetic leather material that holds your credit cards, which is recessed into the body of the case. Don't sacrifice style or protection when you buy a wallet case, by getting a Silk Q-Card. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $24.99 (or for the S9+)

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