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15 Best iPhone Games to Play With Friends



These are the best iPhone games to play with friends in 2020. Fun multiplayer games perfect for your iPhone 11, iPad Mini and more that will keep your mind fresh, competitive juices flowing and help you stay in touch with friends and family.

Since actually playing with friends isn’t as easy these days or people are busy, playing multiplayer iPhone games is your next best bet. There are no specific types of genres below, and instead the list has a little of everything you guys can enjoy together.

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Whether you’re looking for battle royale games, trivia, brain teasers or anything in-between, we have you covered. Multiplayer games can be on a phone you share, multi-device, or online games like Clash of Clans.

Between busy work schedules, staying or working from home, or summer vacations, it’s not as easy these days to gather around for flag football, or sign-in together for a round of Fortnite. As a result, most people play tons of iPhone games instead. And with thousands of titles available on the app store, you have plenty to choose from. That said, most of them are single-player games.

Eventually, you’ll want to compete with others, top your friends, or enjoy some friendly banter. That’s why multiplayer iPhone games are so fun. Grab a pair of Airpods, connect with an old friend, and get battling and talking smack.

Our slideshow below is in no particular order. We found fun games in several different genres or categories, that way everyone or any group of friends can find something entertaining. These are the best multiplayer iPhone games that offer a great overall experience. And if you realize your phone screen is too small, consider an iPad Pro or even a new MacBook.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The biggest new game released lately is the all-new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And, luckily for you, it's best played with friends and is a multiplayer game that will get you out into the real world interacting with people and making new friends. 

Niantic took everything that made Pokemon GO a worldwide phenomenon and success a few years ago, made it better, and added it to the world of wizards, muggles and spells. Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a beautiful augmented reality game. 

You must go into the real world around you and play with characters from the Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts movies to keep the secret safe. You’ll discover Foundables in the world around you. These are artifacts, creatures, people and memories scattered throughout the muggle world. You can fight other creatures, cast spells at friends and more. Go to a nearby park and meet some fellow Potter fans and don't forget to join team Gryffindor. 

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1 Comment

  1. Riya Patel

    08/07/2019 at 11:14 pm

    Found some new things to try out. I played many games which you mentioned here but now I will definitely try out other games.

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