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6 Best iPhone X Alternatives



Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

If you want a beautiful OLED screen in a small package that is about the size of the iPhone X you need to check out the Samsung Galaxy S8. Yes, you have to switch to Android but it's not as much of a challenge to switch as it was a year or two ago. 

Samsung is actually making the iPhone X screen. So it's no surprise that the Galaxy S8 display looks awesome. It's vibrant with great blacks and definitely stands out. There is a fingerprint sensor on the back which is in an odd place, but it still works and you get great performance. 

The front and rear facing cameras are very good and we love the wide angle on the front camera that lets you include more people or more of the scene than you get on the iPhone. You can use this with Samsung VR headsets and you get wireless charging and fast charging as well as a headphone jack. 

The Galaxy S8 is available at Samsung and at major carriers for around $650 to $750. Here are the best Galaxy S8 deals.


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