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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Deals

If you plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ you’re probably looking for the best deal available. Choosing when or where you buy one can save you lots of money, or reward you with free accessories. We’ve done the hard work for you, and below is a continuously updated list of the best Galaxy S8 deals. Like, buy one get one free, $100 off, to a free microSD card and Netflix subscription.

The Galaxy S8 is available from all major carriers in the United States and around the globe. It’s also for sale at Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club retail stores.

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While Samsung’s free Gear VR and controller deal has ended, a brand new Entertainment Kit took its place. Where everyone who buys the phone gets some free accessories. Additionally, each carrier has their own savings you’ll want to know about.

Galaxy S8 Deals For Everyone

First things first, is the free Samsung Gear VR and motion controller. This was available to anyone that pre-ordered the Galaxy S8 or S8+. That’s $129 for the headset and $39 for the controller, absolutely free.

If you pre-ordered before April 20th you’ll need to redeem your free gift. Here are the full instructions on how to get it and what you need to know.


Additionally, for a limited time, buyers can also get Samsung’s new premium over-the-ear headphones by AKG and a 256GB memory card for $99. You can choose the headphones and microSD card or the free Gear VR. A 256GB micro-SD card alone costs more than $99, making this the better deal of the two.

Then, those who use Samsung Pay will instantly be eligible for platinum status with the Samsung Rewards program. Where you can earn points for using Samsung Pay.

Galaxy S8 Entertainment Kit Deal

If you buy the Galaxy S8 or S8+ between May 3rd and May 16th, Samsung will give you a free 64GB Samsung EVO microSD card, six months of Netflix and the Samsung Clear-View Kickstand case for free.

Registration begins on May 5th in the Shop Samsung app. Once downloaded tap the 3-lines menu button, and head to Promotions. Look for “Entertainment Kit” and fill out the required forms. If you’re interested, submit the required forms before June 30th.

Best Buy Galaxy S8 Deals

Perhaps the best deal we’ve seen yet is directly from Best Buy. Order the phone in-store and get $50 off or $100 off the Galaxy S8+. Those taking advantage of carrier deals are still eligible for all savings when purchased at Best Buy.

Additionally, Best Buy is giving out the same Gear VR deal along with free VR apps and games. A bundle worth $250 just for picking one up at Best Buy stores.

Verizon Galaxy S8 Deals

The Galaxy S8 is 50% off with an eligible trade-in at Verizon Wireless. Otherwise, it will cost $720 outright, or $840 for the Galaxy S8+. Potential buyers can also choose a monthly payment agreement.

To be eligible simply trade in a smartphone that’s less than 2-years old and sign up for a new Verizon unlimited plan. This instantly cuts the price in half for Verizon customers.

With a qualifying trade in and installment agreement plan, the Galaxy S8 will be $15 per month for 24 months, which is $360 total. Then, the same deal applies to the S8+ and payments will be $20 a month for 24 months which is $480 total. Instead of paying $720 or $840.

When you buy from carriers you will still be eligible for the free Netflix Entertainment Kit mentioned earlier.

Sam’s Club Deals

Buy the S8 from Sam’s Club on AT&T, Verizon or Sprint and get a free $150 gift card. This is in addition to the free Entertainment Kit. Sam’s club is temporarily waiving all signup fees. Click here for more details.

AT&T Galaxy S8 Deals

As expected AT&T has some deals including buy one get one free. It does come with strings attached, so pay attention to everything mentioned below. AT&T will also bundle other Samsung products at heavy discounts when you buy the Galaxy S8.

  • Buy the Galaxy S8 and receive $750 in credits towards another Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ (get one free)
  • The Samsung Gear S3 is only $49 with a 2-year service agreement
  • Buy the S8 and get a Samsung Tab E or Samsung Gear S2 for only $0.99 when you activate a 2-year service agreement

Basically, you can get two Galaxy S8 or S8+ phones for the price of one. Using this deal AT&T will pay the monthly payment on the second device for you. This only applies to the Galaxy S8. Those who choose the Galaxy S8+ will end up paying $100. The deal is only available if you sign up for AT&T Next and a DirecTV subscription or already use DirecTV. Click here for more details about this deal.

Wal-Mart S8 Deals

Head to Wal-Mart for prices lower than carriers or Samsung themselves. The regular Galaxy S8 is $659, and the bigger S8+ is only $759. As a comparison, most carriers have the S8+ for $840.

Additionally, get the Galaxy S8 at Wal-Mart with an installment agreement for Verizon, AT&T or Sprint and get another $150 off.

Sprint Galaxy Forever Deal & BOGO

Like AT&T, Sprint is offering a buy one get one free deal. This is only available for the Galaxy S8, and not the bigger S8+. Get two while only paying for one at roughly $31 per month. Sprint will charge customers for the second one but will add $32 to your account each month — making it free. Make sure you read the fine print though, as you don’t own the phone. After 12 months Sprint will suggest owners upgrade to something new, like the Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S9.

Sprint also offers what’s called the Galaxy Forever deal. How this works is you get the Galaxy S8 and make monthly payments toward the balance. After 12 payments Sprint will offer free upgrades to the next Galaxy device. Basically, the payments roll over the next year for a new phone.

Additionally, Sprint is waiving activation fees and will enter Galaxy S8 buyers into a drawing to win a huge 65-inch Samsung HDTV and entertainment system.

T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Deals

Following other carrier footsteps, T-Mobile is now offering the S8 and S8+ as buy one and get one free.

In order to get the deal, you’ll have to buy two on their no-interest Equipment Installment Plan. T-Mobile will then send you a prepaid visa card for the value of the second device. Buyers can then use this visa card to pay off the second phone. Up front, you will still pay $30 down for the S8, or $130 for the Galaxy S8+. Click here to get started.

Other Details

So far it looks like the best deal is trading in an old phone at Verizon and getting half off. Wal-Mart pricing is lower than most too, so keep that in mind. In the next couple of months, we anticipate other deals for the summertime and holidays.

We will update this list as other deals and discounts become available, so check back often. In the meantime, learn more about both phones at our Galaxy S8 Portal.

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