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6 Best iPhone X Alternatives



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Pixel 2

Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 is one you must consider if you are looking at iPhone X alternatives. This uses a different display than the Pixel 2 XL that has a lot of issues and it's a phone we still consider worth buying. 

While there is no dual camera system, you can still take portrait mode style photos with the special setup on the rear camera and it's a very good camera too. Google also stores all of your photos and videos in the cloud free at the full resolution so you don't need to spend $120 a year on iCloud storage just to manage your huge photo library. 

You get great performance, built-in Google Assistant and stereo speakers. The Always on display can show you the song that is currently playing around you without the need to ask or open an app. There's a fast fingerprint sensor on the back and like most of the phones in this lineup, it is water resistant. 

The Pixel 2 is available from Google and from Verizon and works on most carriers. It is $649 outright and available with monthly payments. Here are the best Pixel 2 deals.

6 / 6
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