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15 Best Official Galaxy Note 8 Accessories



Note 8 Alcantara (Suede-like) Case

Note 8 Alcantara (Suede-like) Case

A popular option that many enjoyed on the Galaxy S8 is the Samsung Alcantara case. Considering they don't have a leather case again this year, this is the most premium case Samsung is offering. 

The Alcantara case uses a suede-like material that's scratch, splash and dirt resistant. It's soft like a suede fabric, feels great in the hand, and looks good too. The inside uses a strong TPU material that's both drop and impact resistant, but the rest of the case (inside and out) is covered in the Alcantara fabric. 

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From what we can see Samsung is offering this case in four unique colors. Those being Black, Orchid Gray, Almost Pink and a new Green color variant. 

Buy it Now for $49.99

Or, get it for $32 on Amazon



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