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15 Common Galaxy Note 8 Problems & How to Fix Them



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still an excellent phone with plenty to love even if it is over two years old, but it isn’t perfect. And now that it’s a little older we’re starting to see more and more complaints about Galaxy Note 8 problems.

Whether that’s issues from the Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie update, poor performance, bugs from the latest 2020 update, or even battery life complaints. With all of that in mind, here’s a list of common issues and how to fix them.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie Problems

First things first, the Galaxy Note 8 is getting another big update here in April of 2020, but it’s not Android 10. Unfortunately, it’s just a bug-fixing update although that’s arguably more important for those dealing with issues.

As a result, we recommend taking these steps before you update. Then, we put together a detailed Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie problems and fixes guide. This will help you with problems specifically related to Pie while we wait for Android 10.

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How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Apps That Aren’t Full Screen

A problem we still see users complain about is apps not being full screen. Basically, apps don’t use the full 6.3-inch display. That’s because Samsung’s latest devices have longer and skinny screens. This makes them easier to hold and use, but some apps don’t fill the entire screen and have black bars at the top and bottom, similar to the black bars on a widescreen TV.

Most apps and games scale up to fit the screen, but if not thankfully there is a quick and easy fix.

  • Pull down the notification bar and head into Settings (gear-shaped icon near the top right)
  • Tap on Display
  • Select the option labeled Full-Screen Apps
  • Find any app that isn’t highlighted and switch full-screen mode to on

Now it will automatically scale to the correct 18.5:9 aspect ratio and fill your entire display with content. If an app or game looks fully in full-screen mode simply toggle it back off in that same settings menu. If you recently downloaded a new app like Zoom or something, and it doesn’t use the entire screen, you have to manually change this setting.

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At this point, most apps support this new screen resolution. The ones that don’t will likely get an update soon.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner Problems

Whether you’re just getting errors trying to unlock your phone or the fingerprint scanner isn’t working right, we have a few tips. There’s no way to fix where it’s located, but we can ensure you get the best experience when using it. Since there is no physical home button the fingerprint scanner is on the back and hard to reach. Then, once you put a case on the Galaxy Note 8 it becomes even more difficult.

Here is a guide to setup the Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner correctly. Those same steps apply to the Galaxy Note 8. We recommend owners delete any saved prints and redo them, especially if you installed a case after setting up the scanner.

Follow the directions during setup and change angles, directions and using the tip of your finger will give you the best results. Save more than one finger, or even the same finger twice for a better success rate when unlocking the phone.

Galaxy Note 8 Freezing & Unresponsive Problems

Are you having problems where the Galaxy Note 8 keeps freezing or is completely unresponsive? If so, you’re not alone. A huge thread at the official Samsung community forum shows users reporting a similar experience. Note 8 devices keep freezing or rebooting. We’re hearing this happens the most in the contacts app or dialer while trying to make a phone call.

If your Note 8 is frozen or unresponsive press and hold both the power and volume down buttons at the same time, and hold them down for 7-8 seconds. The phone will turn off, reboot, and start fresh. Here is more information for those in need. We’re hearing the update to Android 8.0 Oreo fixed the freezing problems, and the experience is even better on Android Pie.

Sadly, it’s now April of 2020 and we’re still seeing complaints about freezing. If the Galaxy Note 8 ever gets Android 10, hopefully Samsung finally fixes this.

How to Fix Face and Iris Scanner Problems

Thankfully Samsung provided a couple of different ways to secure or unlock the device to offset the poor fingerprint location. Those being facial recognition and an Iris scanner.

The Iris Scanner actually works great. You can scan eyes at night, through glasses, and at multiple angles. However, your results may vary during use. If you’re having problems we recommend deleting your Iris and saving it again. Open your eyes nice and wide the first time, so it gets the best reading possible.

The facial recognition is hit or miss, personally, not to mention a picture can unlock your phone. So use caution if this is your only unlock method. Instead of using your face, we recommend setting up a feature called Smart Lock. This uses trusted locations at home or work, your voice and your Bluetooth accessories to unlock the Galaxy Note 8 automatically.

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When you’re at a trusted place or connected to a trusted device you won’t have to use an unlock method. As soon as you leave or disconnect the lockscreen method kicks back in. Meaning you have to interact with the fingerprint or Iris scanner as little as possible.

Head to Settings > Lockscreen & Security > Smart Lock and enable it. Then customize your locations and Bluetooth devices for a better experience. You’re welcome.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 App Drawer Button Missing

The Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t have an app drawer button and some owners are getting frustrated that they can’t find all of their installed apps. Here’s how to fix it and make it like your old phone.

This isn’t a problem, and instead, just Samsung changed how we interact with the software on the Galaxy Note 8. Simply swipe up anywhere on the bottom of your screen to open the app tray to access all of your apps.

Thankfully, there’s a way to revert this back to the old white button method from past devices. Press and hold down on any blank space on your screen. It will zoom out to an edit and layout page, as well as show widget and background image options. Tap the gear-shaped settings button. Next hit the option in settings labeled “Apps Button” and select the “show apps button”. Now hit done and go back. You’ll have that familiar button at the bottom of the screen to open your app tray.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 WiFi & GPS Problems

With every phone release, we see reports about WiFi problems. Galaxy Note 8 owners have mentioned poor performance, connection drops and even slower than expected internet speeds. This is almost never a problem with the phone itself, and usually something else.

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If you used Samsung SmartSwitch to transfer everything from an old phone, the WiFi password likely transferred and connected automatically. That’s nice, but sometimes it causes your problems.

Those experiencing Galaxy Note 8 WiFi problems have a few options. First, we recommend you forget your WiFi network and re-enter the password on the phone. Do this by heading to Settings > Connections > WiFi. Push and hold your home internet connection and tap forget network on the popup. Then search for a WiFi connection, find yours, put in the password and it should work. Better yet, reset your network to default settings. We’ve found unplugging power to the router for 10+ seconds will give it a fresh start, and your Note 8 should now connect.

Additionally, some users have voiced frustration with GPS, especially while using Google Maps. So much that Samsung and Verizon both pushed out updates within the first month or two after the phone got released. Now, several years later, almost every small bug has been fixed. So you shouldn’t be experiencing GPS issues, and if you are, it’s a new problem.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth Problems

Unfortunately, we’re still seeing a few complaints about Bluetooth problems. This is likely a bigger issue with Android itself or compatibility with your accessories or car stereo.

A few early reports claimed the Galaxy Note 8 didn’t see some devices, or if it did, it wouldn’t connect. Sometimes the connection is poor and audio cuts out too. Similar problems surfaced for the Galaxy S9 but Samsung fixed them with software updates. If you’re experiencing problems try reconnecting to your Bluetooth devices or drop a comment at the official Samsung product support page.

Users can also head to Settings > Apps > and find “Bluetooth” and clear the cache. This will erase all pairings, which seems to solve the problem for some. Otherwise, reboot the Galaxy Note 8 and try again. The Note 8 has Bluetooth 5.0 so the range is over 120ft instead of 30ft like older phones, and it should connect faster than ever before. Plus, the Oreo update reportedly fixed some outstanding Bluetooth bus, and Google further refined Bluetooth as a whole in Android Pie.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Performance Problems

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is still a fast and powerful phone with plenty of power and 6GB of RAM. Apps should load fast, games run smooth and most enjoy great performance. However, after you’ve had it for over two years and downloaded dozens of apps you might notice a dip in performance.

All those installs can start to bog down the system a little, but we can fix it. Uninstall apps you don’t need, long-press app icons and put the ones you rarely use to “sleep” or read on for more tips.

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First off, try our guide above. This is a little trick that works with any Android device to improve performance, speed, and overall responsiveness. Another way to improve performance is slim down the apps that drain resources and power. Disable the Briefing news app, or launch Bixby and uncheck how many apps it interacts with. These can all make the phone feel faster and more responsive.

Additionally, go into the app drawer and find “Galaxy Apps” and update any and all Samsung apps in here for the best experience. Some carrier versions might not have the Galaxy App store though, keep that in mind.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Screen Resolution

This isn’t a “problem” but more of a personal preference. The Galaxy Note 8 has a big 6.3-inch display with a stunning 2960 x 1440 Quad HD resolution. That’s almost as high as a 4K HDTV and is what makes apps, games, and movies look great. However, Samsung lowers this down to a more traditional 1080p resolution to improve performance and battery life.

You probably can’t tell the difference between 1080p and Quad HD, but will enjoy the longer battery life. However, if you want the Quad-HD resolution you paid for here’s how to change it.

Navigate to Settings > Display > Screen resolution and slide it to the far right for the full WQHD+ and hit apply.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Screen Color Problems

A small problem with the curved, rounded, and bezel-free display on the Galaxy S8 was a weird red or pink tint to certain colors. Basically, the color calibration wasn’t perfect, and some owners didn’t like the results. As expected, we saw a few similar reports for the Galaxy Note 8, but Samsung quickly released updates that gave owners total control over the display and its colors.

Pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings button in the top right, or find Settings in the app tray. Once you’re in Settings go to Display > Screen Mode and choose a new color profile. Your options are Adaptive display, AMOLED cinema, AMOLED photo, or basic. Alternatively, there is a fifth color balance option to completely adjust the display colors, tone and white balance to your preference. Perfectionists can tap the advanced options button for even more controls of each color on the RGB spectrum.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Wet Speaker Problems

Like its predecessors, the Galaxy Note 8 is IP68 dust and water-resistant. Meaning it’s certified to handle depths of 5ft for around 30 minutes and will come out working just fine.

However, the speaker still gets wet and might sound off for a few minutes until it dries out. This shouldn’t cause any permanent damage, so don’t worry.

The Galaxy Note 8 and its S-Pen are water-resistant

Samsung uses a coating on the inside of the device and then “surface tension” to keep water out of the speaker. When water covers the little speaker grill hidden inside the frame it might sound funny. Let it dry, tap it against your hand to push any water out or even gently blow into the speaker. This should remove any remaining water and fix the sound.

We also recommend waiting a few hours before charging a phone that got wet. If you get your phone too wet, and it dies, consider the neat new Galaxy S20.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Slow or Wireless Charging

Yes, the Galaxy Note 8 battery is safe. No, it won’t explode. However, it does get a little hot while the device is charging and that’s completely normal. Especially if you’re doing anything on the phone while it’s charging. There is nothing to worry about, but you can get a Galaxy Note 8 case so you don’t feel it as much.

Additionally, worried Galaxy Note 8 owners can head into Settings > Battery > and turn off the “Fast Cable Charging” which allows the phone to recharge extremely fast. It will take over 2 hours to charge instead of 80-90 minutes, but it won’t get as hot.

That said, we still see a complaint or two on occasion that says the phone charges too slow. Make sure you use the wall plug and cable provided in the box, as it supports the “Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging” standard that allows the phone to recharge so fast. Don’t use an old charger you have lying around the house or office.

If you need extra fast chargers, we recommend buying one of these so you have more than one. The screen should say “fast charging” when its plugged in. If not, get a new charger and cable from our link.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Camera Problems

We haven’t seen any major complaints about the Galaxy Note 8 camera, but these are a few you might experience. On the Galaxy S8, some saw a “warning, camera failure” notification, which happens because of a software feature called “Smart Stay”.

The Galaxy Note 8 uses sensors on the front to keep the screen on while you’re looking at it. Sadly this seems to occasionally interfere with the camera. Head to Settings > Advanced Features and turn off Smart Stay.

We did see some temperature problems close the camera on the Galaxy Note 8, but that’s rare. If you take photos or record video while it’s charging it might get hot, causing the app to crash. We’ll update this article with more information should any problems arise.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Battery Problems

No phone is perfect. Now that the Note 8 is over two years old we’re seeing an influx of battery life complaints, especially after the Android 9 Pie update. And while you can expect to notice a small decrease in battery performance as a device ages, it should still last almost all day.

If you’re experiencing Galaxy Note 8 battery life problems try our advice in this guide. We go over multiple things to look for, settings to change, and how to get the most out of your phone.

Otherwise, we really don’t know what to tell you. After two years of recharges, letting your phone die several times, and just general wear and tear the battery will start to degrade. Eventually, even when the phone says 100% you’re really at around 80%, as battery cells start to lose power and the cells inside actually die. That’s what happens over time.

So, if your Galaxy Note 8 isn’t lasting as long as it did before, and it’s not enough to get you through an entire day you might want to consider upgrading. I recommend the awesome new Galaxy Note 10, or the Galaxy S20+.

How to Factory Reset the Galaxy Note 8

Most owners won’t experience any major problems with the Galaxy Note 8. If you do, a factory data reset is your last resort if everything else fails. This will erase all user data, apps, messages, and content from the phone. Only do this if something is seriously wrong and not working right.

Keep in mind that you might want to backup any data before you proceed. Go to Settings > General Management > and hit Reset to get started.

A factory data reset will wipe out everything and give your phone a fresh start. Then, use Samsung Cloud Backup or Samsung SmartSwitch to restore everything back to your device. Google’s restore method during the initial setup can restore your apps and settings too.

Android 10 and What’s Next?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 finally got the Android 9 Pie update at the end of March, 2019. We were hoping the Android 10 update would follow a similar path and arrive sometime in March of 2020, but it didn’t. And while we’re still hearing reports of Android 10 for the Galaxy Note 8, nothing is certain.

Basically, expect Android 10 at some point to arrive and fix a bunch of bugs, issues, and problems, and it could even revamp battery life a bit. That said, if you’ve had the Note 8 for over two years it might be time to upgrade anyway.

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In the meantime, you’ll continue to get small but important “maintenance updates” from Samsung and carriers. A prime example is the big April 2020 update from T-Mobile and Verizon for the Note 8. It fixed some bugs, improved battery life, solved some weird WiFi problem and added the latest security patches to keep you and your phone safe.

For now, drop us a comment below with any other issues you’re experiencing and we’ll do our best to help. In the meantime, consider buying some of these official Note 8 accessories made by Samsung.

15 Best Official Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

Note 8 ClearView Standing Cover

Note 8 ClearView Standing Cover

Most of the accessories released for the Galaxy Note 8 will be familiar to Samsung users. That's because these same options were available for the Note 7 or Galaxy S8. However, they're slightly different, new, and improved for the all-new Note 8.

First up is the ClearView Standing Cover, which has a kickstand built-in. This is a clear case that uses the always-on screen to display information even when the screen is off. The flip cover protects the screen and can fold backward and double as a kickstand. Perfect for watching YouTube or Netflix hands-free.

The ClearView Standing Cover comes in all four Note 8 colors. 

Buy it Now for $59.99



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  6. Derek

    09/07/2017 at 11:47 pm

    I’m having a few keyboard glitches when using Swype. Sometimes it simply doesn’t type any word at all no matter how many attempts. Only way to solve is back space then Swype again. At this moment my smart lock is not working, making my phone lock while I’m at home, one of my trusted places. I click on it in the settings, it goes to the security pattern page, i draw my pattern, utt goes to next page that should have trusted places, devices etc, but it’s just a blank page. I’ve tried rebooting a number of times, still comes up blank.

    • Janet

      09/20/2017 at 5:17 am

      I’m having a lot of problems with the keyboard also……can’t use the x button to delete a word…..seems any letter that is on the edge of the keyboard I have to hit multiple times or push hard to work…

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  8. ronald edmond

    09/12/2017 at 6:51 pm

    My big problem with note8 is the bluetooth connectivity

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  11. Michael

    09/15/2017 at 6:42 am

    my new note 8 is 2days old and last night it did an update. now my phone does not work at all and all i have is a lit up lime green border on the phone and it wont let me power it off or anything?

  12. Ad Re

    09/16/2017 at 5:35 pm

    I’m having issues with the SPEN not being sensitive enough therefore missing when I write or draw. I’ve also notice a black spot on the screen where extra pressure is required to write.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Any suggestions?

    • mohd redzuwan abu kasim

      09/20/2017 at 8:03 pm

      Hi i am from malaysia & just recieved my galaxy note 8 few days ago. Within this few days i have encountered problems with the s pen;

      1. It was not responding with the screen when i start writing, coloring,surfing internet pages or opening any apps.
      2. It will start writing or coloring even though the s pen is just hovering over or not touching the screen.

      The problems just come & go, sometimes the s pen will function perfectly but sometimes the problems will come again.

      Is it the s pen (hardware) problem or software problem?
      Any solution for this?

  13. Kim

    09/19/2017 at 9:26 am

    Ive had mine for 6 days and it’s being replaced. Software issues phone flashes, gets hot and turns off, keyboard sticks, I am in the middle of typing and the page closes. I am so disapointed.

  14. Kim

    09/19/2017 at 9:32 am

    It closed and posted without me being done. The auto correct corrects words wrong and after the send button has been pressed. the S pen isn’t working correctly. This is such a terrible start to what should have been free of issues. Samsung may make an Apple customer out of me yet!!!! They need to get it together. Hopefully my replacement will be problem free!!

  15. Mark moncada

    09/21/2017 at 10:59 pm

    Couple glitches I’m experiencing. First, I can’t seem to edit my profile picture on my contact list. The contacts apps keeps freezing or force closing when I hit “edit”. Same thing when I go to a contact, hit edit, then try to change the profile picture of the contact by hitting the camera icon, it force closes. Finally, I experience wifi latency when loading web pages on the phone. When I switch to cellular connection, the web page loads super fast.

  16. Cath Humes

    09/26/2017 at 12:53 pm

    I’m experiencing a terribly weak Bluetooth signal. If I pass my hand over the unit and it’s two feet away there are drops in music streaming and the unit disconnects if it’s more than 5 feet away.

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  18. Kim Delfing

    09/29/2017 at 8:25 am

    Just got note 8 and biggest issue is with messaging. It insists that I use messenger for all texts. When it wants to make messenger my default and I say no, it won’t let me respond to the person and I end up giving in so I can respond. Any ideas how I can just text the old fashioned way?

  19. Big Peter

    09/30/2017 at 11:22 am

    Microphone does not work I have to use speakerphone on phone calls. Cannot search the Internet while on a phone call. But the worst of all the phone was in a wireless charger and automatically did a factory reset with no request or input from the user. At the end of this reset as expected all data images text messaging was eliminated. I’ve been using Samsung For several years and finally had to switch to an iPhone despite my preference.

    • Ms. Chriss

      10/04/2017 at 11:21 am

      My microphone also stopped working. I can hear my caller but they cannot hear me unless I am on speaker. Samsung wants me to send it to them without any backup in the meantime…I’m disappointed.

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  21. Terri M Stanford

    10/08/2017 at 11:56 am

    Notification sounds come through in my ear when I am on a call. I have turned the notification sound during calls off in my settings, yet they continue to come through. I am speaking specifically of the notification during calls setting found when you are in the phone settings. Not the general settings. Not only do they continue, they continue repeatedly. Some times I have to get up at night to turn the sound off so I can sleep.

    In all other phones I have owned, the sound is given once, not repeatedly.

    I would like Samsung to send an update to fix this annoying problem!!!!! This is horrible!!!!! I have have a Galaxy Note 8, but my husband has a different Samsung Model and he has the same problem.

    PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Rajesh Naik

    10/27/2017 at 3:55 am

    My samsung note got freeze for hours or more everyday. When they replace it with another piece it happened again freeze for two hours or more I am tiered of it. It sucks .

  23. John Dales

    11/09/2017 at 7:48 am

    I have recently bought Samsung Note 8, and I am very pleased, just one small annoying thing, I bought a flip case for it as I was worried I may drop it, but it is always when in my pocket buzzing at me, and when I look it just says replace pen!! but the pen is in correctly, I have tried using the phone without the case and it never buzzes, therefore it must be the case, I have made the area around the pen larger but it has made no difference. Can you help please

  24. Greg

    12/24/2017 at 11:47 am

    One issue I just resolved was changing the default music player. It comes set @ Google Music player. Going to settings will not allow you to make Samsung music player the default. There is just no option to change it. I even turned off the Google player as default, and then uninstalled it.
    What I found on another site was this fix, which worked.
    Go to where your music is stored on the phone and open a mp3. Then the window at bottom will show music players, then pick Samsung etc. This sets it as default now!
    Seems the software has a few bugs but nothing that’s concerned me outside of this issue. Lucky my Note 8 I just got works fine so far.

  25. Celeste

    01/10/2018 at 10:02 am

    I cannot zoom in or out for e-mails (outlook) or texts (Verizon message, textra).

    I cannot create a subfolder for e-Mails (outlook).

  26. Sharon K Davie

    01/14/2018 at 7:49 am

    I am having problems with my Note 8 loading webpages. I have to add images or load more info to get the entire article. Do u know any fixes?

  27. Bonnie Swanson

    01/18/2018 at 8:54 am

    I bought a Samsung note 8 in Dec 2017 and now when my phone rings with an incoming call the screen turns black when I swipe to open it drops the can I fix this? Is it a glitch?

  28. Joetta

    11/11/2018 at 5:51 pm

    I’ve had issues with not charging with the cord after the battery dies but it easily charged using a wireless charger. Worth a try.

  29. Enrique Flores Espinosa

    04/03/2019 at 12:04 pm

    Just erase everything hold volume up and power, than take out the sim card out and than finish the set up than put the sim card back in.


    04/09/2019 at 1:40 am


  31. Michael Guertin

    04/12/2019 at 8:47 pm

    After the new update, I am unable to customize the settings in messages app. The font color of texts I receive are white and the background is light grey. I have exhausted all efforts of my own within the settings of my phone to no avail. Reaching out to anyone who can provide any assistance. Thank you

  32. Marc

    06/14/2019 at 9:54 am

    A few issues with the most recent updates. First, in Contacts, the alphabet bar on the right side only shows up when you move the screen up or down. And then it only shows for about 2 seconds! It doesn’t even give me time to find the letter I am looking for. Very bad. And when I send a text message, the response shows ABOVE the message I sent. How do you get it to be BELOW the original message? I have several issues but these are the most glaring. It was fine before the update.

  33. Frank

    06/28/2019 at 11:02 am

    The best and the WORST Samsung phone ever!! Have yet to have my Note 8 fail. Been down to zero battery, charges right up, resolution very sharp and clear, no bugs from any up date. So why the worst you ask!! The utter bull feeces glass of the display, It has always been in a case, usually wallet types, and of the myriad of scratches and one FULL LENGTH CRACK ON THE EDGE only one I claim. I put it in a drawer with the flap open and put my spiral wire note book on top. Not a pretty scratch. I little nicks like there was were bubbles in the glass and they popped ALLLL THROUGH THE DISPLAY. I bought the note 8 as an upgrade to my note 4. It never failed, I bought it when the Note 4 first came out, then waited till the note 8 was released and found nothing like this in ya review. Nokia here I come!!!

  34. vinayan m p

    08/20/2019 at 5:01 am

    Hi, I bought note 8 last year and worked fine till yesterday. now i can see some extra glimpse or some brightens or dim lights on the screen specially when i watch some photos or while doing typing. it will go up and down like in TV. i got the new updates 2 days before and have updated. please let me know the solution.

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