Galaxy S8 Official Samsung Alcantara Case Review
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Galaxy S8 Official Samsung Alcantara Case Review



The official Galaxy S8 Samsung Alcantara case will protect your phone in style yet is easy to hold thanks to the suede-like finish. While there is no shortage of great cases for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and that includes official cases from Samsung, the Alcantara cover is one of our favorites.

Samsung released seven different official cases for the Galaxy S8, all with unique finishes and features. The Alcantara cover is one of the most expensive, coming in at $49.99, but has more to offer than your standard cheap case from Amazon or eBay.

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Is the high price worth it, even though there are dozens of cases for less than $10 online? That’s an important question we’ll try to help you answer below. This is our Galaxy S8 Alcantara case review.

After using the official Galaxy S7 Edge Leather case last year I expected to buy the same for the Galaxy S8. Samsung doesn’t offer one, so I chose the Alcantara as it looks like the next best thing. It is available in Gray, Blue, Mint, and a Pinkish-red. We have the Gray color here, but it looks closer to Charcoal or Black.

Samsung Alcantara Case Review
A unique case that will protect your Galaxy S8 from life's daily hazards while having stylish good looks.
Minimal and elegant design
Unique suede-like fabric for added comfort and grip
Fast wireless charging compatible
Fingerprint and camera lens divider for ease of use
Doesn't offer 360-degrees protection (bottom is exposed)
The Alcantara fabric sheds little hairs all over the screen
High price tag

It has a premium and well-made design, thin profile, and subtle good looks. All while offering a soft fabric finish that I’ve never seen on a case.

The Alcantara case feels like it’s made from sweatpants or your favorite sweater. Essentially wrapping your Galaxy S8 in a comfy blanket. Samsung is using a soft suede-like fabric that covers the entire outside of the case. The material is actually called “Alcantara” composed of about 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane, giving increased durability and stain resistance.

On the inside, we have a hard polycarbonate plastic that makes it easy to install on your phone and offers just enough strength for durability.

Samsung covered the entire case in this fabric, inside and out. The power and volume buttons, top, bottom, and sides. The only area that isn’t as soft as a sweater is the glossy plastic frame that protects the camera.

Additionally, that plastic piece separates the fingerprint scanner from the camera. Making it easier to unlock the phone while cutting down on accidental touches that leave fingerprints on the camera lens. This is one of the best aspects of the Alcantara cover. Not to mention the frame has a raised lip to protect the screen and sides even while laying face-down on a table. It offers almost complete protection from life’s daily hazards.

Now we know what you’re thinking. Isn’t the suede-like Alcantara fabric going to get worn out and dirty? So far the answer is no. I’ve been using the Alcantara cover for over a month, and it’s yet to show any signs of wear and tear. The finish isn’t rubbing away on the corners, and I don’t have any dirt or oil stains from my hands. Overall I’ve been extremely pleased with the “stain-resistance” which Samsung touts, and the overall durability.

In fact, I’ve dropped my Galaxy S8+ twice with this case installed. Those drops didn’t damage the case or the phone. So far it has held up very well, although that could change over time. It is possible that a month isn’t long enough for the Alcantara fabric to show signs of wear.

I do have two complaints about the Samsung Alcantara case. One is that the durable frame and soft finish doesn’t wrap around the entire device. It’s designed more like a snap-on cover, with the bottom being exposed. However, this gives you easy access to the 3.5mm headphone jack, charging port and speaker. At the same time, that lip is uncomfortable after holding the phone for a long time. It also gathers dust, dirt, and pocket lint. When I remove the case I can see a line of grime forming on the device.

Secondly, the fabric seems to shed, and little hairs of Alcantara (polyester) end up on my hands and the screen. I’m constantly blowing on the screen to get little hairs off of the glass. This isn’t a big deal but I expected it to go away after a few weeks, it didn’t.

Final Thoughts

Samsung’s Alcantara cover may not have a kickstand or extra features but it is a durable case that will keep your phone safe and make it easier to hold. For me, that’s the most important part of buying a case. Something that will save my phone if it gets dropped by accident, and a nice texture to make this slippery all metal and glass phone easier to hold.

The official Samsung Alcantara cover certainly isn’t the cheapest case available, but it does its job and looks good at the same time.

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