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19 Best Galaxy Note 9 Cases



Incipio DualPro

Incipio DualPro

The original "Dual layer" case almost 10 years ago came from Incipio. They're one of the first companies to offer a case made from multiple materials ensuring your phone stays safe without a ton of bulk. 

Like many other Dual Layer cases on the market today, the OG Incipio DualPro is a great case. You get a durable and impact-resistant TPU polymer material on the inside of the case that fits the phone like a glove. Then, the outside layer is a strong double-thick polycarbonate shell. 

This case features a 10-ft drop tested and approved rating, raised edges to keep the screen or cameras safe, and it comes in five unique colors. 

Buy it Now for $29.99 from Incipio

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